Chopards Dazzling Happy Diamonds

Chopard's Dazzling Happy Diamonds: The Clown Pendant and Heart-Shaped Delights

When it comes to luxury jewellery, few names shine as brightly as Chopard. With a legacy dating back to 1860, this Swiss watch brand has consistently delighted the world with its exquisite craftsmanship and innovative designs. Among its many iconic collections, "Happy Diamonds" stands out as a sparkling testament to Chopard's creativity.

The Happy Diamonds collection is renowned for its unique and playful concept, where freely moving diamonds dance within crystal-clear compartments, allowing them to catch the light from every angle. In their own words they are “inspired by the lightness and freedom of the spray from a waterfall, the Chopard workshops decided to release diamonds from all settings for the very first time: believing that "diamonds are happier when they are free, precious things should not be locked up! Free and liberated, they sparkled more brightly than ever – like the women who wore them”.


The Clown Pendant: A Whimsical Masterpiece

Chopard's Clown Pendant is a delightful work of art that captures the essence of joy and whimsy. Fascinatingly, the design was created from the imagination of the teenage Caroline Scheufele, daughter of the company’s owner. Her father secretly had his jewellers produce the principal piece for her & this clown was to be the first-ever piece of Chopard jewellery. A joyful and playful creation, it quickly became the favourite gift of a generation of fathers to their beloved daughters and the symbol of Chopard's formidable jewellery adventure. This exquisite pendant features the large size clown adorned with colourful precious gemstones and bright white diamonds, crafted in 18k gold. The real magic, however, lies within the pendant, where a free-spirited ruby, sapphire, emerald and two diamonds twirl and spin with every movement. This joyous design evokes the feeling of a circus performance, where the gems take centre stage.

Heart-Shaped Happiness

In addition to the charming Clown Pendant, Chopard offers the captivating heart-shaped versions of their Happy Diamonds jewellery. These heart-shaped creations are perfect symbols of love and affection, making them popular choices for gifts or tokens of appreciation.

The heart-shaped Happy Diamonds pieces are available in various forms, including necklaces, earrings, and rings. Each piece features the heart-shaped motif, and the signature free-moving diamonds within that make the collection so unique. These pieces are sure to melt hearts and light up faces with their playful elegance. We are delighted to offer the large version of the earrings, and the gorgeous ring with flex link band.


Chopard's Happy Diamonds collection, including the enchanting Clown Pendant and heart-shaped versions, embodies the brand's commitment to blending luxury with whimsy. These creations remind us that jewellery can be not only a symbol of opulence but also a source of joy and delight. With Chopard's Happy Diamonds, you can wear a little piece of happiness wherever you go.