Engagement Rings: An Evolution of Style

Engagement rings have long symbolised the promise of love and commitment between couples, with a history that stretches back centuries. While traditionally associated with women, the concept of men wearing engagement rings is steadily gaining popularity. This evolution has ushered in a renaissance of ring styles, including gypsy rings, antique men's rings, signet rings and the timeless solitaire ring all tailored to suit a variety of tastes and preferences.

Gypsy, also known as 'flush-set', 'hammer set' or 'American set' rings represent a bold and sleek choice for engagement jewellery. These rings are characterised by their seamless design, where the gemstone is set directly down into the metal without prongs or settings. The result is a striking, streamlined appearance that is perfectly comfortable to wear.

Historically, gypsy rings are often crafted with a single gemstone, typically a diamond or coloured stone, but it is not unusual to find three stone versions securely nestled within their bands. This design showcases the stone's brilliance, perfectly contrasting its sparkle against the buttery glow of rich gold but also serves a practical purpose by dramatically minimising the risk of damage to the gems. The gypsy setting is emblematic of commitment, as the gem is set flush with the metal, symbolising the idea of a love that is steadfast and unyielding, like the abundant gold securely holding & protecting its precious & rare heart. 

For those seeking a durable and distinctive choice, Gypsy rings are an excellent option. Their minimalist yet powerful aesthetic complements a wide range of personal styles, making them a timeless and versatile choice for engagement jewellery.

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