H.Stern - A Luxury Jewel Phenomenon !

H.Stern is a luxury jewelery company founded in Brazil by Hans Stern. Originating in a small workshop that focused on highlighting the beauty of precious and semi-precious gemstones, over time H. Stern grew from its small beginnings to become a big name in the jewelery industry, celebrated for its innovative designs and exceptional craftsmanship.

Titled ‘King of the Coloured Gems’ by the New York Times, what makes H Stern distinct from other names in jewellery is its celebration of coloured gemstones.  Prior to founding the company, Stern was working with miners in Minas Gerais where he realised the vibrancy and brilliance of coloured stones that are unique to Brazil’s gemstone deposits. H Stern was thus founded to showcase the best of Brazil’s coloured gemstones.

H Stern’s designs are innovative, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in terms of shape, form, and material. Even today, the company which is now run by Han Stern’s son, Roberto Stern, have a design philosophy that aims to “expres[s] music, dance, fashion, and architecture through precious stones and gold.”

This can be seen in the H Stern pieces we currently have in stock. The coveted ‘Rainbow’ collection in the 1980’s features multicoloured gemstones that are arranged in a beautiful rainbow gradient. Utilising gemstones such as amethyst, topaz, tourmaline, citrine, garnet, and peridot, Stern designed pieces that showcased the vivid coloured stones of Brazil. The French Jewel Box has been fortunate enough to stock several pieces of the rainbow collection: rings, earrings and a bracelet. Our multicolour bracelet with handsome line of asscher cut amethysts, lilac blue topaz, peridots, yellow and orange citrine, rhodolite garnets, pink tourmalines and ice blue topaz. The incredible concentration of colour in each stone and the graduation in colours exhibits the treasure that is found in Brazilian gemstones.

Stern once remarked that, “there is no semi-precious stone as there is no semi-pregnant woman or a semi-pregnant man.” Celebrating the beauty of ‘semi-precious’ stone and recognizing their beauty to be equal to that of ‘precious’ stones, Stern has been massively influential in incorporating stones such as tourmaline or topaz into fine jewellery.

In addition to its innovative designs, H. Stern has been committed to ethical and sustainable business practices. H. Stern was involved in every step of the process from the mining of the raw materials, cutting the stones, planning the designs, to the sale of the jewellery. Offering tours of his workshop to present the creative production process with integrity and transparency.

Today, H. Stern remains a major player in the luxury jewellery market, with a presence in over 14 countries with over 160 stores worldwide, including major cities.

H Stern 'Sputnik' ring sold in store 2022H. Stern 'Sputnik' ring, sold in store 2022H. Stern multicoloured bracelet.