H Stern Multigem 18ct Yellow Gold Vintage Sputnik Ring


Our 18ct yellow gold vintage multi-gem Sputnik ring by H Stern, inspired by the iconic Sputnik satellite – the first marvel in space technology. In very good condition without abraded stones, this exceptional 1960’s piece features 19 bezel-set gems, including tourmaline, aquamarine, amethyst, garnet, and peridot. Proudly stamped with the creator’s mark on the inner shank, this treasure is the sought after large size, making it the ideal for those who embrace bold cocktail rings, and fascinatingly, one quarter the diameter of the original satellite. Whether you're a space enthusiast, or someone who appreciates fine retro cocktail jewellery, or searching the galaxy for the best multi coloured piece, this Sputnik-inspired ring encapsulates the wonder of the cosmos while upping the game of your jewellery collection.

SKU X609

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