Vintage Italian 18ct Gold Queen Bee Brooch


A Vintage jewel of exceptional craftsmanship, this stylish and striking Italian bee brooch features pave diamond-set wings and is meticulously designed combining polished and florentine finishes on 18ct gold for a textured, elegant look.

The polished gold emits a warm glow, complemented by the depth and character of the Florentine finish on the bee's body. Its wings are adorned with sparkling diamonds that catch the light beautifully, adding an extra layer of charm.

This brooch is a versatile addition to your collection, suitable for embellishing any outfit, whether pinned to a lapel, scarf, or as a centerpiece on a dress. With its classic design and timeless appeal, our 18ct Bee Brooch is an understated accessory, perfect for those who appreciate vintage elegance in their jewelry.

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